Raccoons During the Day

Growing up, everyone always told us if we saw a raccoon out during the day it had rabies and to run from it. Well, in my mind if it is rabid and you run from it…it’s going to chase you and has super animal powers so it will catch you and then bite your face off (keep in mind, I was around 8 when my parents told me this). Many years ago if you spotted a raccoon outside, it may have been rabid but things have changed drastically over the years. Growth and development have forced raccoons, and most other wildlife, into our neighborhoods, homes and businesses.

If you watch videos on YouTube of raccoons or callĀ Palm Bay Raccoon Removal you will see how smart these animals are. They are part of the K-9 family so their mannerisms can be close to your dogs. People keep them as pets (if they obtain them as very young pups) and they can be trained, taught how to do tricks or other fun things. But its important to keep in mind, at the end of the day these are wild animals and maybe not the best idea for a pet.

Raccoons are spotted out during the day these days for a few reasons and the main reason is simple….food. Raccoons know that our garbage cans are full of food. Being an opportunistic animal, its simple for them to knock over your cans, rummage through your bags and find all kinds of tasty treats perfect for their liking. The next reason being…babies! A lot of times the momma raccoon is out during the day because she is either looking for a place to nest or after finding food they are bringing it back to their family. The very last reason you’ll spot a raccoon out during the day is because it is sick or injured.

A sick raccoon will act either super aggressive and crazy, or the exact opposite. An injured raccoon will act similar but you will clearly see it is hurt. If you notice a raccoon is sick or injured or sick, please call animal control in your county right away.


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